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Organic Farming

Inspection of organic farming in Denmark is administered by state institutions, which authorise the use of eco-labels. The Danish eco-label (the red Ø symbol) may only be applied on products from farms authorised for organic production.

Organic production

Credibility and consumer confidence are all-important aspects to organic production. To consumers, it is vital that organic products have in fact been produced according to organic standards. To organic farmers, it is just as important to be authorised to use the Danish eco-label. In order to verify the origin and production method of organic products, strict rules apply to organic production, and inspections are carried out at all stages of the production and processing of organic foods. 

Registered organic farms and organic suppliers

The Organic Farming division monitors that organic farms comply with the rules applicable to both organic plant and animal husbandry. Furthermore, we inspect organic suppliers producing or marketing:

  • organic feed
  • seeds
  • cereals
  • fertilisers
  • other non-food products.

Shortcut to the list of Danish farms under organic inspection 

Shortcut to the list of Danish companies under organic inspection

Certificate of organic production - Online register

The Certificate of organic production is a statement regarding the organic production unit, including the last organic inspection date, an overview of conversion dates, the organic status of the farm’s crops and livestock, etc.

The Certificate is created based on the information that is annually reported in the organic section of the online register (in Danish: Fællesskema) that all famers in Denmark use.

The AgriFish Agency only issues the Certificate of organic production when all the relevant information has been entered into the Fællesskema and been certified by the Agency.

Anytime changes are entered into the Fællesskema, a new Certificate of organic production is issued.

A new Certificate is not issued when you receive your organic authorization number. It is also not issued upon the completion of a new organic inspection.

Link to The Certificate of organic production - Online register

Which languages are available for the Certificate?
The Certificate is available in either Danish or English, which can be viewed by changing the language settings in your browser.

Link to instructions on how to change the language settings in your browser.

Inspections of organic farms and organic suppliers

All organic producers in Denmark are inspected every year by The Danish Agricultural Agency. In addition to regular annual inspections of the approx 3.300 organic producers and approx 130 organic suppliers in Denmark, we also carry out random inspections based on production and risk analyses.

The Organic Farming division develops and administers the Danish rules on organic farming in collaboration with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and The Danish Agricultural Agency.