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Quota statistics

In the following tables, you will find information concerning quota utilisation by weeks, and fishing area for the individual species. 

Danish quotas and utilization of quotas current year and back in time:

All quotas 2017
All quotas 2016
All quotas 2015
All quotas 2014
All quotas 2013

Codes and terms of the quotas


The European Union’s common fisheries policy (CFP) forms the basic framework of Danish fisheries. An important component of the common fisheries policy is the system of preservation and effective utilisation of the biological resources of the sea, through regulation of catches by fixed quotas. The definition of a quota is the maximum permitted take for a nation of one species of fish within a defined area. In specific cases, quotas consist of more than one species of fish, for instance flounder and dab in the North Sea, as the area can vary. A population of fish will, however, always refer to specific species within a certain fishing area.

Read more about quotas and the underlying regulations here:

Europa Commission home page on total allowable catches (TACs) and quotas