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Import And Export Inspections

The Danish Agricultural Agency is responsible for border inspections of live plants, forest reproductive materials and plant products.

Imports of plants

The Danish Agricultural Agency is responsible for border inspections of:

  • live plants
  • forest reproductive materials 
  • other plant products (such as wood packaging materials and soil)

Plant health restricted material (such as live plants for planting and certain plant products) shall be accompanied by a Phytosanitary Certificate on entry to the EU.

Importers of such plant health restricted material are legally obliged to pre-notify each import of consignments before arrival, so that the Danish Agricultural Agency can carry out the obligatory phytosanitary import inspection. Importers are legally obliged to pay for charges relating to the plant health checks and importers shall also register with the Danish Agricultural Agency.

In accordance with the CITES list of endangered species some endangered plants are moreover subject to trade restrictions. The restrictions shall ensure that traders or tourists do not bring endangered plant species into Denmark. 

Export of plants and plant passport

An extensive international collaboration on plant health ensures that plant diseases are not transmitted from country to country. Some plant species must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate documenting the origin and health of the plants. Similarly, a plant passport may be required as well as seed need to be certified for trade within EU countries.

In Denmark all exporters of plants for planting must be registered and inspected by The Danish Agricultural Agency in order to be granted the permission to issue plant passports.