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Seed & Plants

Denmark is a major exporter of potted plants and seed potatoes. It is therefore important that Danish plants and plant products for export are free from pests and diseases. The Seed & Plants division inspects live plants for export and import.

The Seed & Plants Division

In order to identify and eradicate any unwanted organisms the division monitors the presence of pests such as:

  • insects
  • fungi
  • viruses and bacteria within horticultural and agricultural plants
  • wild host plants


Denmark is among the largest seed exporters in the world. Trade in Denmark as well as international trade is based on reliable certification. The Seed & Plants division is responsible for setting the rules for seed trade and for ensuring compliance with these rules. Seed certification activities include field inspections, seed sampling, laboratory tests and pre- and post-control cultivation. The division also certifies producers of wood packaging materials.

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Genetically modified crops (GM)

The division monitors the compliance with regulations on cultivation of genetically modified crops. As the first EU member state, Denmark has adopted legislation on co-existence of conventional, organic and GM crops. The legislation on co-existence will ensure that cultivation of GM crops takes all interests into consideration, i.e. the interests of farmers, companies and end-users as well as making an environmental risk assessment.

Finally the division conducts quality control of fruits, vegetables and potatoes and administers the regulation on bees.