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The TystofteFoundation

TystofteFoundation is formally established and heading for future success through newly established foundation.

On 1st December 2014 the TystofteFoundation is formally established. The state-owned testing station at Tystofte, Denmark will be transferred to a private foundation. The TystofteFoundation will guarantee further development and growth for variety testing in Denmark.

The TystofteFoundation

Establishing the TystofteFoundation indicates that variety testing in Denmark of new agricultural plants is now in safe hands. Breeding companies and organizations representing plant production appreciate the potential of maintaining and developing plant variety testing in Denmark and have joined forces with the Danish Agricultural Agency in establishing a private, independent foundation.

The TystofteFoundation will be our platform for development and growth in the agricultural sector. The Tystofte testing station is located near Skælskør in the municipality of Slagelse.

TystofteFoundation board members

TystofteFoundation board members:

  • Mr. Thor Gunner Kofoed, chairman, appointed by Danish Agriculture and Food Council
  • Mr. Kim Bonde, deputy chairman, appointed by Association of Plant Variety Owners in Denmark
  • Mr. Birger Eriksen, appointed by Association of Plant Variety Owners in Denmark
  • Mr. Anders Mondrup, appointed by Danish Seed Trade Association
  • Mr. Erik Anders Lawaetz, appointed by the staff at Tystofte

Founding members of the TystofteFoundation

Founding members of the TystofteFoundation:

  • Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Idagaard Foundation
  • Pajbjerg Foundation
  • Abed Foundation
  • Sejet Plant Breeding
  • DLF Trifolium
  • KWS Scandinavia
  • Foundation for Sugarbeet Breeding
  • Syngenta Nordics